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Mariam Memarsadeghi on Freeing Iran, Civic Ed, & Immigrant Portraits


Center for Civic Education board member Mariam Memarsadeghi sat down with Cara Candal and Derrell Bradford for an interview on "The Learning Curve" podcast. Among other topics, Memarsadeghi spoke about the Center for Civic Education's We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program and Tavaana, an organization she co-founded that is dedicated to a free and open Iran    Read more >

Former U.S. senator helps launch 'We the People' institute


Former U.S. Senator Doug Jones of Alabama will deliver the keynote address for “We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution Summer Institute” on July 25 at the Jackson, Wyoming, campus of Teton Science Schools. Fifteen teachers from Wyoming and North Dakota will participate in the five-day institute, where they will be immersed in studying We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, a curriculum dedicated to teaching the fundamental principles of the U.S. Constitution    Read more >

Pine Crest Upper School Instructor Trish Everett Named to the Center for Civic Education National Advisory Council


Pine Crest Upper School Social Science instructor Mrs. Trish Everett has been named to the Center for Civic Education’s new National Advisory Council. The National Advisory Council is composed of leaders spanning a variety of fields, including members of the judiciary, distinguished academics, and private-sector leaders, all dedicated to the Center’s mission to develop an enlightened citizenry by working to increase an understanding of the principles, values, institutions, and history of constitutional democracy among teachers, students, and the general public    Read more >

Mt. View Students Compete as Constitutional Scholars


Arizona's Mountain View High School, led by Nancie Lindblom and Sasha Litzenberger, will compete in the 2021 We the People National Finals. “To watch these kids grow and to watch them just literally become experts on everything,” said Lindblom, “I get goosebumps… It’s aggressive and these kids just shine and they take that information, though, and it really sticks with them because of what they’ve done here. They really believe what’s going on in the world and in their community and in the government is important and they carry that with them    Read more >

Half Hollow Hills team wins 'We the People'


A team from Half Hollow Hills High School East in Dix Hills, New York, has won the state championship for demonstrating its knowledge of the U.S. Constitution    Read more >

Christopher Riano ’10l Finds Him Leading a National Effort to Improve Civic Education and Engagement


This profile of Center for Civic Education President Christopher R. Riano by the Washington and Lee School of Law explains how Riano got involved in the law and examines his challenges as Center president. I am fortunate to be leading this historic organization when there is renewed focus on ensuring that we do better as a country in civic education,” Riano says. “It’s never too early and it’s never too late to start a lifelong conversation to celebrate the strengths and repair the weaknesses in our democratic republic    Read more >

Black History Month: 8 Great Free Resources, Lessons to Explore


The Center for Civic Education ... has found a unique way during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep those messages flowing and tackle the toughest of subjects. It has created a series of daily podcasts called 60-Second Civics that are connected to lesson plans and webinars. “Now more than ever, our work to promote equality and justice for all has taken on new importance as our nation faces the twin challenges of violent extremism and a COVID-19 pandemic that has disproportionately affected African American communities,” said Christopher Riano, the Center’s president. “Our 60-Second Civics podcast and other materials will help explain how    Read more >

Civic Education and Democracy: QA with Christopher R. Riano @ChrisRiano


Dr. Mike Robinson spoke with Center president Christopher R. Riano about the importance of civic education in a representative democracy. Riano said, "It is the responsibility of everyone in our society ... to ensure that civic and constitutional education is prioritized and that we are appropriately educated and engaged in one of the most fundamental responsibilities we have as part of the American experiment    Read more >

25th Amendment vs. Impeachment: How to Explain the Difference to Kids


In this interview with Parents magazine, Center president Christopher R. Riano explains how to discuss the 25th amendment and impeachment with kids. "Riano adds that parents can emphasize that the best way to understand both the written and unwritten rules of our democracy is by having discussions and debate about hard topics about this no matter your age or grade    Read more >

6 Ways to Help Students Make Sense of the Capitol Siege


The Center's president, Christopher R. Riano, added his voice to this Education Week article about how to teach the January 6 attack on the Capitol. “It’s important that people recognize how much we celebrate free speech and free expression in this country, but we also clearly draw the line and denounce when that speech and expression becomes violent,” said Christopher R. Riano, the executive director of the Center for Civic Education. Teachers, he said, can “give students the tools and understanding to make judgments and have the ability to understand where those lines are    Read more >

America’s Lapse In Civic Literacy


The Center's president, Christopher R. Riano, joined an all-star panel to speak about civic literacy with Ann Fisher on WOSU's All Sides    Read more >

California’s Challenge to Modernize Government, Technology / Improving Civic Knowledge and Engagement in the U.S.


In this interview with Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, California, Center president Christopher R. Riano shares his insights about diversity in civic education and why it matters    Read more >

How Teachers Are Answering the Call for More Civics Education


In this radio interview with Angela Davis of Minnesota Public Radio, Center president Christopher R. Riano shares his thoughts about the call from teachers for more civic education    Read more >

Project Citizen


Live on HCAM-TV, Youtube and Facebook: Hopkinton Hangout Hour - Mondays at 2pm and Wednesdays at 7pm, HCAM Sports Talk - Wednesdays at 3pm, HCAM News Live - Thursdays at 6:30pm! Civic education class underway at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction contribute's picture by contributor 11 November, 2020 A new initiative aimed at enhancing civic engagement is now underway at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction. Individuals, all of whom are participants in the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office emerging adults program, are taking part in a modified version of Project Citizen – an educational initiative that promotes competent and    Read more >

GHS “We the People” Debate Prods Candidates on #BLM, Economy, Civility


   Read more >

Greenwich LWV to Partner with GHS “We the People” for Student-Run Candidate Debate


The League of Women Voters of Greenwich and Greenwich High School’s We the People program will partner to host a student-run debate with the candidates for CT State Senator District 36 and CT State Representatives from the 149th , 150th , and 151st Districts. The debate will take place on Friday, October 30th at 1:54 pm and will be 52 minutes long in accordance with the high school’s block schedule. Last year, over 600 students attended. Participating candidates are: State Senate District 36 – State Senator Alex Kasser (D) Ryan Fazio (R) 149th District – Kathleen Stowe (D) Kimberly Fiorello (R) 150th District – Representative Steve    Read more >

What Is Civics, And Why Is It Important?


"A free society must rely on the knowledge, skills, and virtue of its citizens and those they elect to public office. Civic education, therefore, is essential to the preservation and improvement of American constitutional democracy." – Center for Civic Education With election season approaching, we are reminded of the importance of voting and the election process. But citizens have a much bigger role in society than voting every few years. Because of this, KPL is focusing on civics education for our community. So, what exactly is civics other than a term used in our distant grade school memories? Subscribe Civics is the study of the rights    Read more >

Center for Civic Education Launches Special "60-Second Civics" Series to Encourage Voting


Center President Christopher R. Riano Celebrates Our National Elections with a Special Edition of Our Signature Daily Program The Center for Civic Education has launched a nationwide initiative to focus its signature daily program, "60-Second Civics," on the right to vote in the weeks leading up to the November 3 national elections. Each day, 60-Second Civics will feature a podcast focused on elections, voting, representation, and how those rights are protected under the Constitution. All you need is a minute! "At the Center for Civic Education, we believe it is critical to ensure that all people have access to civics lessons that speak    Read more >

DC State Board Focuses on Improving Student Voice


The DC State Board of Education (SBOE) will hold its monthly public meeting on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, at 5:30 pm. As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak continues to spread globally, the State Board is taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our members, staff, and public. Therefore, this meeting will be held as a video web conference. For the most up-to-date information on the District’s COVID-19 response, please visit Members of the public wishing to provide testimony during the public meeting can email the State Board at [email protected] by the close of business on Monday, September 14, 2020    Read more >

Two Northern Hills (South Dakota) residents, one school group honored for 'Acts of Excellence'


NORTHERN HILLS — Spearfish resident Elaine Doll-Dunn does not live her life to receive recognition or fame. But the woman whose adventurous spirit frequently rubs off on all who know her is among three honored residents and groups to be recognized by the S.D. Hall of Fame for performing Acts of Excellence. The third recipient of this year’s S.D. Hall of Fame Acts of Excellence honor went to Pat Gainey and students in the Spearfish High School “We the People” program. The group was nominated for representing South Dakota at the national “We the People” competition for 20 straight years. “I am thrilled,” Gainey, who has coached    Read more >

Online distance learning resources for parents Supplement your student's remote education this fall with virtual activities, lessons and tutoring.


SACRAMENTO, Calif — With many schools from all grade-levels planning to do full distance learning this fall, some parents and caregivers may be looking to supplement their children's education. Luckily, there is an abundance of online resources during this time, many of which are free. In addition to the resources listed below, the state of California has issued guidance on remote learning, including lessons learned from the spring semester. Though the information on the state's website is geared more toward educators, parents may be interested to know what to expect this fall. Here is a list of some online resources that can help    Read more >

John Lewis inspired youth from Valley


The congressional website hosted by recently departed humanitarian and civil rights icon U.S. Rep. John Lewis remains active. Near the top of the site is a press release dated July 17, the same day he died, in which the Democratic congressman from Georgia explains a letter that he and fellow Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, and other bipartisan members sent to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos supporting two Center for Civic Education grant applications seeking funds “to expand the Center’s work to provide school teachers with professional development in the fields of elementary, middle and high school civics and government across the    Read more >

Pandemic highlights the need to invest in civic education


At a time of crushing financial strain on schools, businesses, families and individuals, the need for a well-functioning government could not be greater. Nor could the need for citizens to understand how the government should function. The July special session of the Nevada Legislature and the decision to initiate massive cuts in government spending proved particularly damaging to public higher education. However, now is not the time drain education funding. Nevada’s K-12 and higher education institutions train the next generation of responsible and participant citizens. For example, the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement (NCCE) at UNLV    Read more >

Student Standout: Boonsboro graduate enjoys traveling the world


Leena El-Mohandes loves to travel the world. A 2020 graduate of Boonsboro High School, Leena, 18, already has visited Australia, China, Egypt, Greece, New Zealand and Turkey. "I love to travel," Leena said from her family's summer home in Michigan. "My family loves to travel." Leena, who this fall will attend The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va., plans to major in biology and minor in creative writing. But she hopes to still work some traveling in. "I know I just want to travel," she said. Leena leaves Boonsboro High School with a 4.44 grade-point average, and her role as class president. Her favorite subject — AP    Read more >

Two NH residents, one school group honored for Acts of Excellence


Spearfish resident Elaine Doll-Dunn does not live her life to receive recognition or fame. But the woman whose adventurous spirit frequently rubs off on all who know her is among three honored residents and groups to be recognized by the S.D. Hall of Fame for performing Acts of Excellence. “I live my life happily and fun,” she said. “I love adventure, and I love people. I try to live joyfully and if it moves someone else, that’s a plus. I just set out to make a difference and do the best I can.” That’s how John Andrews, the second honoree for Acts of Excellence, feels. Andrews, who was given the same honor for his role in    Read more >

‘Don’t forget the little things,’ says Easthampton High School valedictorian in virtual graduation speech


Sometimes you need to step back amongst all the chaos and cherish the little things. That’s the advice Emily Connly, Easthampton High School’s Class of 2020 valedictorian, reminded her peers in her virtual graduation speech. “Educate yourself and learn new skills,” she said. “But don’t forget the little things.” She encouraged her classmates to always take time to “goof around with your friends.” “Those are the memories that stick with us,” she said. Connly was also a member of Easthampton High School’s “We the People” team. The team won first place in a national academic competition about the U.S. Constitution    Read more >

Pennington Teacher Wins National Civics Award


Pennington Traditional School Social Studies Teacher Erin Merrill is the recipient of the 2020 American Civic Education Teacher Awards (ACETA). This national award recognizes civic teachers for their exemplary work preparing young people to become informed and engaged citizens. Merrill is one of three educators in the nation being recognized for this award. Charles Quigley, executive director of the Center for Civic Education, praised the three distinguished educators, including Merrill, for their dedication in helping young people learn the information and skills needed to participate as effective and responsible citizens. “We are    Read more >

Jim Rooks to spin up Center of Wonder’s ‘21st-century youth community center’


The Center of Wonder has a few new programs on the horizon, and former social studies teacher Jim Rooks has a new job. Rooks, who is running for a seat on the Jackson Town Council, will be the director of community engagement for the Wonder Institute, an arm of the Center of Wonder that launched last summer. In addition to creating a new digital media lab and maker space and taking over some programming from Jackson Wild, one of the Wonder Institute’s goals is to create community spaces and programming for young people between 15 and 25 years old. Rooks will be working for the Wonder Institute part-time to roll out the physical space,    Read more >

Scott E. Casper Appointed President of the American Antiquarian Society


Worcester, MA — The Council of the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) announces that Scott E. Casper has been chosen to be the next president of the national learned society and research library of pre-twentieth-century American history and culture. Casper will be the eighth president in the 208-year history of the Society, succeeding Ellen S. Dunlap, who will retire in late fall of this year. The AAS Council unanimously elected Casper at a special meeting on June 4, 2020. Casper’s appointment comes after an extensive national search. John Herron, Jr. chair of the Council and head of the search committee, said, “After the extremely    Read more >

Dr. Alan Brodman to Address East Brunswick High School Graduating Class Upon His Retirement


EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ — Dr. Alan Brodman admits to spending many hours preparing, and then coming back and revising, the speech that the retiring teacher will give online to the 2020 graduating class of East Brunswick High School on Wednesday, June 17. Brodman, a Civics, World History and Constitution teacher for the last 28 years at EBHS, will be retiring at the end of this academic year. He teaches the Institute for Political and Legal Education (IPLE) class and also is the teacher of the Model U.N. Program at East Brunswick. "I wrote the speech and then came back two or three days later to review it and to ask myself, does it really say    Read more >

Kansas State University offers free webinar on government's COVID-19 response


MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- The Kansas State University College of Education has created a free webinar series for teachers and residents about the government’s response to COVID-19 says the school. The Center for Social Studies Education in the College of Education at K-State is partnering with the Center for Civic Education and the Johnson County First Amendment Foundation in order to offer a four-part webinar as a public service to teachers and residents according to a release from the University. Registration for the class is free and open to the public. “Teaching in Real-time: How Well Does America’s Federal System Respond to    Read more >

Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School Honors Class of 2020


HIALEAH, FL — Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School are honoring the Class of 2020 to coincide with the school's virtual graduation on June 9. The school is highlighting one student below who represents the achievements of the entire graduating class, Akil Cole. Akil Cole's drive and integrity set him apart. He has actively participated in student organizations, such as Model United Nations, Student Government/Student Council, and Project Citizen since his freshman year and he currently holds leadership positions in each. He led the Project Citizen team to develop public policy solutions to two growing    Read more >

Easthampton High Scores A National Educational Victory During The COVID-19 Pandemic


This is a commentary on WGBH News by Tom Birmingham June 5, 2020 Since COVID-19 arrived, the bad news seems unending and recently released scores for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) civics test were no exception. But thankfully, we have some fantastic news about civics education, and it comes from right here in Massachusetts. This spring, Massachusetts’ Easthampton High School was crowned national champion in the “We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution” contest. The competition brings together about 1,200 students from across the country to answer civics questions based on America’s Founding Documents    Read more >

How to explain the art of democracy to a teen (and the rest of us)


We interrupt this pandemic, and these street demonstrations, and this tragicomic political theater of the absurd, to bring you this announcement: Hope still has a pulse. I know, it comes and goes. It gives way to surges of anxiety and anger, confusion and withdrawal, but a stabilizing influence invariably restores it: Our collective faith in the original game plan. Our confidence, wavering though it often may be, that this country works. If we let it. Lately, that seems like a very big if. Fortunately, David Richmond and educators like him, past and present, have given that hope weight. Richmond has spent four decades explaining the art    Read more >

Easthampton High Civics Team Win National Championship


WGBY public television for Western Massachusetts interviewed teacher Kelley Brown. The inspiring segment is approximately 10 minutes long. Even though schools are closed, Easthampton High School just came up big—really big—when the civics team won the national “We the People” civics championship. After their state win in January, the team was supposed to travel to Washington for Nationals. Instead, they swept the competition in a contest that was held via Zoom. Carolee McGrath spoke with Kelley Brown, a history and government teacher and the director of the “We the People” program, to learn more about the team’s win    Read more >

Between shifts: Easthampton senior dreams of law career while working two jobs


EASTHAMPTON — Abi McMahon’s biggest fear is that life will never go back to the way it was. A senior at Easthampton High School, McMahon, 18, is planning to study criminal justice at Western New England University as part of the school’s 3+3 Law Program, with the goal of becoming a lawyer. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, McMahon said that “there was any opportunity available to me.” Since then, she has taken on a second job, working at both Target and McDonald’s, after her hours at McDonald’s were cut. And things feel different. “You can’t please anyone,” she said. “I have had people yell at me for not wearing a mask    Read more >

At the forefront of civics excellence


It is Teacher Appreciation Week, and we at the Kennedy Institute are reflecting on the educators who have made such a difference in our own lives and work tirelessly to bring civic education to students across the Commonwealth and country at large. The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, civic education organization in Boston envisioned by the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. One particular story comes to us from our partner and director of the Massachusetts Center for Civic Education, Roger Desrosiers. Roger, a beloved and remarkable civics teacher himself, shared wonderful news about this    Read more >

Easthampton High NATIONAL CHAMPS!


(This is a podcast of WHMP radio, featuring Kelley Brown, the teacher of the Easthampton High School class that won the National Finals Challenge.) Easthampton High wins its first National Title in the Constitutional & Civics competition: We The People, besting 675 students from all over the country. With commentary from Eagles’ faculty advisor Kelley Brown, Mayor Nicole LaChapelle & members of the team    Read more >

Coronavirus is a civics lesson playing out in New Hampshire, says educator


The coronavirus pandemic presents a public health threat to the nation — but it may also offer an opportunity to mend its social fabric. “We are living through the greatest civics lesson of our lifetimes right now,” wrote Martha Madsen, executive director of the New Hampshire Institute for Civics Education, in a recent letter to New Hampshire educators. “I think we can see clearly how government works, or doesn’t work,” Madsen elaborated in a phone interview last week. “I think it’s really important to pay attention to the qualities of leadership that really are crucial in a crisis. And I think we’re seeing how the federal    Read more >

Westport ‘We the People’ team places high in national competition


Despite the COVID-19-related restrictions that hampered how they were able to compete, students from Staples High School still stepped up and into a unique virtual playing field to achieve great things. The “We The People” team — comprised of 23 A.P. Government students with a passion for the U.S. Constitution — not only took the state title for the first time in December, but finished fifth overall in the national competition that was run through the nonprofit Center for Civic Education. While they were denied a trip down to Washington, D.C., last month to take part in the national finals and spend several days touring the city,    Read more >

Teacher, “We the People” coordinator Jim Rooks to run for council


A fixture of Teton County’s education community will try something new. Sort of. Jackson Hole High School social studies teacher Jim Rooks plans to run for Jackson Town Council. The former principal and athletic coach is a lifelong Jackson resident. His great-grandmother, Genevieve Van Vleck, served on the town’s — and the nation’s — first all-female government in the 1920s. A century later, Rooks hopes to honor her legacy as a compromiser. “I just kind of want to step back to try and do the best I can do to bring our community together,” he said, adding that there’s a higher social and economic purpose for doing so. “We    Read more >

Easthampton High School shows civics education alive and well in Massachusetts


In November 2018, Gov. Charlie Baker signed a law to improve civics education in Massachusetts requiring schools to offer older students the chance to participate in a student-led civics project. The bill also laid a foundation for new requirements for civics education. Schools were required to teach about state and U.S. constitutions, local history, the Bill of Rights, branches of government, digital media literacy and even etiquette regarding the flag. Six months after the governor signed the law implementing the education requirement, the Massachusetts Senate voted 39-0 in favor of a budget amendment allocating jumi.5 million to the Civics    Read more >

Tahoma’s We The People Competed Last Week


Tahoma’s Constitutional scholars competed against 30 classes and more than 600 students from across the nation in the Center for Civic Education’s first-ever online We the People national championship. “Tahoma High School’s 2020 We the People team was absolutely tenacious,” teacher and adviser Gretchen Wulfing said. “They made the best of a difficult situation and inspired all of us with their grit, brilliance and incredible heart. I am honored to be their teacher.” Monday night, the top three teams were announced in a video awards ceremony online. While Tahoma didn’t capture one of the top three spots this year, the team    Read more >

Technology allows Nevada High School Students to Compete in National Civics Competition


Reno High School senior Lauren Kinder and Incline High School senior Emerson Fleming did not have a choice in whether they would walk at graduation or attend prom. But they did get to vote on whether to participate in the national “We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution” civics competition — albeit digitally — and it was a simple choice for Kinder. “Of course. Why wouldn’t we try to do this? If we have the opportunity, it’s better than nothing,” she said. Usually, the national competition takes place over three days in Leesburg, Virginia at the end of April and consists of 56 teams from schools across the United    Read more >

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on Wauwatosa We the People classes


On April 23, results of nationwide testing of eighth graders in civics, American history and geography were released, and the news was not good. Civics was flat compared to four years earlier, and his    Read more >

Christopher R. Riano Appointed as the Next Executive Director of the Center for Civic Education


The Board of Directors for the Center for Civic Education is delighted to announce the appointment of Christopher R. Riano as the Center's next Executive Director. He will succeed Charles N. "Chuck" Quigley, who served as Executive Director of the Center's predecessor, the Committee on Civic Education, and most recently for the Center after it became an independent organization in 1981. "After an extensive public search and canvass of the Center's extraordinary network, and following the consideration of many highly qualified individuals, we are pleased to announce the selection of Christopher R. Riano," said Pauline Weaver, President of the    Read more >

Easthampton High students named 'We The People' national champions


EASTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WHSM) -- A group of students from Easthampton were named national champions after winning a competition amid coronavirus restrictions. Hanna Wauczinski, Grace Kane, Amelia Wilson, Alice Wanmaker and Emmalee Connly are just five of the 21 Easthampton High School students who are now national champions of the We The People competition. “I mean, it’s unbelievable,” Wanmaker said. “We were praying to get top 10. We were so incredibly shocked.” “It’s absolutely mind boggling to say that we are national champions. We are over the moon about it,” said Kelley Brown, history and government teacher. Brown is    Read more >

We The People breaks records in unprecedented times


The Staples High School We The People class placed fifth at the 2020 National Finals Challenge held from Saturday, April 25 to Sunday, April 26. In addition to finishing the highest Staples High School has ever placed, the team also received the Division C award as the highest-scoring team from the Northeast. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Nationals were held online rather than at the National Conference Center in Washington D.C. The team discovered they had won their division over a Zoom call, while their exact national placement was sent out through email the next day. “Every member of the team was ecstatic,”    Read more >

Winner of National Constitution Competition Announced


After two days of simulated congressional hearings that tested their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, three schools took top honors at the rebranded We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution National Finals Challenge. The National Winner: Easthampton High School, Massachusetts Teacher: Kelley Brown Second Place: Lincoln High School, Oregon Teacher: Patrick Magee-Jenks Third Place: Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies, Virginia Teacher: Samuel Ulmschneider 30 classes, with over 600 students competed online using Zoom in the academic competition where students    Read more >

Juniors from Wauwatosa West HS honored for involvement in ‘We The People’ competition


Fox News 6 reports: WAUWATOSA -- Giving credit where credit is due... On Friday, April 24, a convoy of 50 plus vehicles honored juniors from Wauwatosa West High School who helped represent Wisconsin in the national "We The People" competition. The competition began Saturday. It tests students about the principles of the U.S. Constitution. "It's a culture that we've built over the course of 13 years at Wauwatosa West, I'm super proud to be a part of it," said Chad Mateske, teacher and coach. "I've got a lot of really good helpers over the years, and the lawyers that help our class, parents that have older siblings that are coming through and    Read more >

Black River Public School Participates in National Competition


HOLLAND, MI (WHTC-AM/FM) – Despite the travel and congregation restrictions placed by health officials due to COVID 19, a Lakeshore school was still able to compete in a national contest. A 10-student team from Holland’s Black River Public School participated in a virtual “We the People” annual constitutional competition this past weekend. Sponsored by the Center for Civic Education, the Michigan state champion vied with 30 other schools in presenting speeches on constitutional issues, followed by questions from a panel of judges in which they could not use notes in answering. The 10 students - Piper Kendall, Elijah LaBurn, Jonathan    Read more >

Winner of National Constitution & Bill of Rights Competition Announced


After two days of simulated congressional hearings that tested their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, three schools took top honors at the rebranded We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution National Finals Challenge. The National Winner: Easthampton High School, Massachusetts Teacher: Kelley Brown Second Place: Lincoln High School, Oregon Teacher: Patrick Magee-Jenks Third Place: Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies, Virginia Teacher: Samuel Ulmschneider 30 classes, with over 600 students competed online using Zoom in the academic competition where students    Read more >

Easthampton High School students participate in virtual We the People competition


EASTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WHSM) reported: Thousands of events have been canceled across western Mass due to social distancing protocols. Luckily for the students at Easthampton High School, a national competition about the United States Constitution was still held virtually. The group "We the People" qualified for nationals this year after winning the state championship. Western Mass News caught up with their teacher after their competition. Easthampton High School’s We the People team was competing for a win in this year's national championship. It’s an academic competition about the United States Constitution. “Easthampton High School    Read more >

Winning back the school year


The end of April traditionally marks one of the largest competitions on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the country. The annual We the People National Finals, administered by the Center for Civic Education, was scheduled to take place April 26-28. In a normal year, more than a thousand high school students along with their teachers, administrators and families gather in Washington, D.C., for the competition. This is no ordinary year, thanks to COVID-19. Rather than converging on Washington, D.C., more than 600 students will meet on Zoom in the rebranded We the People National Finals Challenge. The students, who represent 30    Read more >

Black River to Compete in Constitution National Finals


The Black River Public School team, representing the State of Michigan, will compete in the We the People national finals, which takes place “virtually” on April 25 and 26. We the People is a nationwide civics competition run by the Center for Civic Education. Students present speeches on constitutional issues and are then scored on their ability to answer follow-up questions from expert judges. The students aren’t allowed to use notes to answer the questions. In its third year of competition, the team qualified for the nationals by climbed its way to the top, by winning its first state championship on, Jan. 10, in a state wide    Read more >

Boonsboro We the People team to compete in national finals via Zoom


Even in the age of COVID-19, Boonsboro High School's "We the People" team can still compete in the upcoming national finals, thanks to the videoconferencing software Zoom. For a fifth consecutive year, the Boonsboro team has qualified for the national finals, after winning the Washington County competition in November and January's state championship in Annapolis. The We the People National Finals Challenge will be held via Zoom on Saturday, April 25, and Sunday, April 26. Boonsboro is scheduled to compete the morning of April 25. "We were given the option this year on whether we wanted to participate," said Ashley Vascik, a Boonsboro    Read more >

Feeding a need: Volunteerism at Jackson Cupboard helps a community stay healthy


JACKSON, Wyo. — Whether it is better to give than receive, Jackson Cupboard isn’t taking any chances—they’re doing plenty of both as a way for a community to stay fed, break bread, and help each other through this Big Sick. We The People lends a hand at Jackson Cupboard last Thursday. Photo: Courtesy Chris Tisi Different community groups and organizations have been lending a hand at the Cupboard, helping to unload trucks and stock shelves. Late last week it was We the People’s turn. Jackson Hole High School teacher and mentor of the academic civics group ‘We The People’ (Bronc Law) Jimbo Rooks had his team qualified for    Read more >

Bedfordian wins 'Global Best Teacher Award' Using Project Citizen


A man from Bedford, who is now a headteacher in Chile, has won the English Speaking Union's (ESU) Global Best Teacher Award. David Massiah was shocked when the ESU President called him to tell him the news last week. He is the LAHC Executive Headteacher for Chile (Latin American Heads Conference) and Headteacher of Redland School, in Chile. In November, David was one of three country finalists for the National Best Teacher Award in Chile. All finalists from around the world were automatically registered for the ESU Global Best Teacher Award in London. After interviews, reviewing references and evidence by the central panel David was    Read more >

Westfield students find success in We the People competition


WESTFIELD — Westfield Academy and Central School Social Studies teacher Greg Birner’s We the People students have once again competed against the giant eastern schools and have returned with honor. The 15 students who, as Birner said, “rolled up their sleeves and faced the fire,” came home with third place overall in the annual state competition, which took place in the Justice Resources Center on the Martin Luther King Jr. campus in New York City last month. In addition to third place overall, one team gave a perfect performance and was awarded first place for Unit 6, Birner said. The students in this team were Unit 6 Mat Emmons,    Read more >

As a Project Citizen effort, 5k at Myer Creek Park brings in money for park improvements


McLean County Middle School’s Young Leaders in Action group, along with McLean County 4-H, hosted a 5K at Myer Creek Park on Saturday to raise funds for the park’s sewer project. While the Young Leaders in Action had to work in a tight time-frame, according to middle school teacher Christin Crabtree, the 5k was a success with 31 runners signed up at a head, raising a total of 5 for the park from runners alone. Crabtree said several community members also donated to the efforts. The group organized the 5k as part of “Project Citizen,” which required the five students to find a community problem and come up with potential    Read more >

Letter: End daylight saving


Print article I am an eighth grader at Gruening Middle School. This year, my social studies class is taking part in a program called Project Citizen. During Project Citizen, each class is asked to identify a major issue in Alaska, brainstorm a solution and its alternatives, and ultimately create a public policy. This program engages students in the process of public policy and gives them an opportunity to make a change where they live. My class chose Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as our Project Citizen issue. SAD is a type of depression that is influenced by the changing seasons. Due to the long, dark winters, this condition affects    Read more >

COVID-19 causes cancellations of school competitions


The national We the People and Science Olympiad competitions had their plans altered due to the persistent spread of COVID-19. The We the People national competition was supposed to be held in Washington D.C. from April 24-27 and was cancelled on March 12. The Staples We the People team received first place in the state competition in December and had already begun preparing for nationals. “It is with immense disappointment that I forward this email to you,” Suzanne Kammerman, teacher of the AP Government and We the People class wrote to her students of the cancellation. “I know you all put your heart and soul into this and that you    Read more >

Holland Mayor Honors Black River’s 'We The People' Team


Black River School’s We The People Team, on Jan. 10, 2020, won the Michigan "We The People" competition in Lansing. The team's January win means they qualified for the National Finals. Members are seniors Lily Gerow Nathan Overweg, Dylan Pennington; juniors Piper Kendall, Elijah LaBurn, Jonathan Lowry, Sierra Lynch, Ariana Newberry, Sia Rajgarhia, Parker Seymour, Aanya Usmani and several coaches comprised of Black River faculty, alumnus, and students. Holland Mayor Nathan Bocks invited the team to City Hall to personally recognize their achievement. “The Black River 'We The People' scholars team’s success brings honor and distinction to    Read more >

Tahoma’s We the People Honored in Olympia


The Washington State Senate today honored Tahoma High School’s “We the People” team with a resolution celebrating the school’s 24th state championship in the last 26 years. Sponsored by Sen. Mark Mullet (D-Issaquah) and Sen. Lisa Wellman (D-Mercer Island),the resolution celebrated the school’s impressive legacy while team members looked on from the Senate gallery. “Tahoma High’s team and coach continue to impress me with their commitment to leaving a legacy for our state, and this year has proven no differently,” said Mullet. “The ‘We the People’ program provides students with important lessons about civic engagement    Read more >

Two Richmond-Area Schools Competing in 'We The People' Competition


Channel 6 News in Richmond, Virginia produced this six-minute on-air story: Students from two area high schools, Maggie L. Walker Governor's School and Glen Allen High School, have advanced to the National "We The People" competition. The competition is designed to help students understand the history and principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The 33rd We The People National Finals takes place April 24-27th. To learn more about it, click the link on the station's URL    Read more >

Local high schoolers prepare for national 'We the People' competition


POCATELLO — Southeast Idaho high school students dominated in Boise, and now they’re heading to Washington, D.C. to compete on the national stage. High school students enrolled in an on-campus dual enrollment course at Idaho State University took first place in the state “We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution” Mock Congressional Hearing Competition on Jan. 30. The team will travel to the nation’s capital in April to participate in the country-wide "We the People" competition. We the People, a national program since 1987, promote civic education and participation among high school students. Idaho State enrolled students    Read more >

Upthegrove awards Martin Luther King Medal of Distinguished Service to Kathy Hand


King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove on Tuesday awarded Burien resident Kathy Hand with the Martin Luther King Medal of Distinguished Service, an award that recognizes individuals whose work has answered the question asked by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “What are you doing for others?” For more than 30 years, Kathy Hand has been empowering youth with the civic skills to keep democracy healthy as Executive Director of Civic Education Washington State. The nonprofit administers critically acclaimed curriculum, teacher training, and community-based programs including the “We the People” and “Project Citizen” programs, which    Read more >

Student Standout: Boonsboro senior puts focus on law, politics


While not always considered a topic of “polite” conversation, 18-year-old Sarah Roll loves talking about politics. After taking Advanced Placement government with teacher Ashley Vascik her sophomore year, the Boonsboro High School senior joined the “We The People” class, where students compete using knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. Then, she was hooked. “It’s just sort of one of those things where you want to know more about it, and I just love geeking out about it and talking about it,” Sarah said. “I’m so much more invested in the news now. My mom yells at me. She wants to watch her Netflix show when I’m trying to    Read more >

West Valley students to compete in Washington, D.C., at We the People competition


Fairbanks students are preparing to go to Washington, D.C., this spring, following a West Valley High School win at the We the People competition this December. We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution is a national program that assesses student knowledge of the Constitution. Over 1,000 students participate in the nationwide competition finals, which act as simulated congressional hearings. To travel to nationals, though, the state champions will join ranks with another local school. “It’s Team Alaska, and it’s students from West Valley High School and Hutchinson High School, and the teacher from Hutch is Danette Peterson,”    Read more >

Fishers Jr. High aims for third We the People national title


Fishers Junior High School’s We the People team has set a high bar for itself. After winning the national title two years in a row, Fishers placed second in 2019. The team, made up of 26 eighth-graders, won its fourth consecutive state middle school title in December 2019. The team will head to the Eighth Annual We the People National Invitational May 1-4 in Washington, D.C. The team is attempting to raise ,000 for the trip. “We have that standard that is set for us before everyone who has gone to nationals before us,” team member Maddy Collier said. “Most of our team is just excited we made it to nationals. Once we get there,    Read more >


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