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Unit 5: What are the responsibilities of citizens?

In this text, you have studied the principles and history of the United States Constitution. You learned why and how the Founders organized our government the way they did. You learned that the purpose of government is to protect our rights and to provide for the common good. You also learned that the power of our government comes from the people. The people delegate certain powers to the government.

It is important that our government does its job well. Government cannot do a good job if citizens do not participate. In this unit, you will learn about the United States and its place in world affairs. You will examine the responsibilities of citizens. You also will look at ways in which citizens can take part in government. You will discuss some important issues. For example, how might you balance your self-interest with the common good? What might you do when you think that a law is unfair?

It is very important for us to participate in our government. You should decide for yourself what you ought to do as a citizen of the United States.