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Announcing the Results of the We the People National Finals and Invitational, Making a Difference in Renewing Democracy, New Center Initiative Seeks to Engage Underserved Students, Attending the World Summit on Civic Education, and More in This Month's Newsletter.

Hundreds of Students Test Their Knowledge of the Constitution in the We the People National Finals and Invitational

National Finals

Congratulations to Amador Valley High School of Pleasanton, California, for placing first in the 35th annual We the People: The Citizen and Constitution National Finals, earning the title of We the People national champions! Indiana's Fishers High School placed second, and Douglas S. Freeman High School of Henrico, Virginia, placed third. Find the full list of award winners here. The We the People National Finals is a national academic competition that allows students to display the civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to effectively participate in our constitutional democratic republic through simulated congressional hearings. Approximately 1,000 students from 47 classes participated in 636 half-hour virtual hearings during the National Finals, held April 22-26.

The We the People National Invitational took place the week afterward, from April 29 to May 2. Indiana's Fishers Junior High School placed first in the event, followed by Joseph T. Henley Middle School of Crozet, Virginia, in second, and Fall Creek Junior High School of Fishers, Indiana, in third. View the complete list of award winners here.

The We the People National Finals was made possible in part by T-Mobile.

Renew Democracy

Make a Difference in Renewing Democracy!

As we confront continued challenges to our civic security both at home and abroad, the Center for Civic Education is focused on renewing and sustaining democracy to ensure a prosperous future for all. For decades, the We the People program has had a life-changing effect on millions of students and educators. Your support is critical as we build on our strong foundation—refreshing our materials to reflect a larger spectrum of today's learners and incorporate the past decade's events shaping our constitutional democracy—and increase accessibility for historically underserved schools, communities, and adults.

Please join us in this ambitious effort as we pursue our $10,000 spring fundraising goal by June 15. Click on the button below to donate directly or create your personalized fundraising page to share with your friends and family. Renewing democracy: Together, it's possible.

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James Madison Legacy Project Expansion

New Center Initiative Seeks to Engage Underserved Students

The Center is excited to embark on the next phase of the organization's impact in bringing authentic democratic civic education through the We the People program to diverse student groups. Through the James Madison Legacy Program Expansion (JMLPE) grant, this June, 30 secondary social studies teachers from 16 different states will convene in Los Angeles for the JMLPE summer curriculum workshop. Teachers will work with experts in social–emotional learning, universal design for learning, English language learning, and culturally relevant pedagogy to transform We the People lessons and materials to better engage and support underserved student populations. "I know teachers work their curricular magic every day to make their lessons meet the needs of their students. I am so excited that the Center will be a leader in creating materials and lessons so even more students can experience We the People and teachers have an even better starting point for their instructional design," states Dr. Donna Phillips, Vice President and Chief Program Officer. We invite experienced We the People teachers to join the pilot research in the fall semester of 2022 if they meet criteria indicated on our webpage.

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Event about Landmark LGBTQ Cases

Christopher Riano to Speak at Event about Landmark LGBTQ Cases

On May 25 at 6 p.m. ET, Center for Civic Education President Christopher R. Riano will give a presentation and speak on a panel for "From Stonewall to Windsor: New York's March to LGBTQ Rights" from the Historical Society of the New York Courts. The event will highlight landmark cases in the fight for LGBTQ rights in New York as one of the signature events reopening the New York City Bar Association. The panelists will share their personal recollections, give insight into cases like People v. Onofre, Braschi v. Stahl, and Hernandez v. Robles, and look at the future of LGBTQ rights in New York. This free event is offered online and in-person at the New York City Bar Association.

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World Civic Summit

Join the World Summit on Civic Education

Civitas Bosnia and Herzegovina is hosting the World Summit on Civic Education from May 18 to 21. This exciting virtual and hybrid event celebrates the 25th anniversary of civic education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and culminates with their 25th Annual Project Citizen National Showcase on May 21. The Center for Civic Education's Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mia Nagawiecki, is delivering the opening keynote along with representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo.

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Chuck Quigley

A Celebration of Life for Chuck Quigley

Former Center Associate Director John Hale invites friends and former colleagues of Chuck Quigley to join him in an online celebration of life on Saturday, June 4, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET. Quigley, the Center's founder and executive director, passed away on February 1 at the age of 92. "I expect that this will indeed be a celebration of his life and he loved to tell jokes and to laugh," said Hale. "So, if you have a good story about Chuck—especially a humorous story or a joke that Chuck told you—please share it."

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Quick Quiz! Which Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wrote the opinion for the Ex Parte Merryman case on suspending the writ of habeas corpus?

A. Salmon P. Chase
B. John Marshall
C. Roger B. Taney
D. Melville Fuller

Read on to learn the answer!

PC Summer Institute

Project Citizen Summer Institutes for Teachers!

The Center's regional partners throughout the country are hosting free Project Citizen professional development institutes for middle and high school teachers this summer. Spots are filling up fast! If you're new to Project Citizen, visit our Project Citizen Professional Development webpage to learn more about the Project Citizen Research Program and how you can participate.

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WTP Alum Network

Calling We the People Alumni

Whether you went through the Center's We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program this past year or decades ago, you are among an accomplished and informed group of alumni! Your participation in We the People provided you the experience to gain more knowledge than the average American about the Constitution and our system of government. We invite you to join the We the People Alumni Network to connect with people representing diverse industries—including business, government, and nonprofit—who have gone through the same experience.

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Mount Vernon Award

Nominations Open for Mount Vernon Student of the Year Award

Nominations for the Mount Vernon Student of the Year Award are open until May 31. The award is given to both middle and high school student projects about George Washington, which can focus on him or one of his many legacies. The projects can be papers, flyers, posters, websites, documentaries, speeches, exhibits, community programming, or any other medium desired. The winning high school project receives $5,000, and the winning middle school project receives $1,000. The winning projects' teachers also get $500!

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Quiz Answer!

C. Roger B. Taney (see episode 4595)

For more quizzes and learning opportunities, check out the 60-Second Civics podcast and daily civics quiz!


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