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The Project Citizen Research Program, the 2020 Presidential and Congressional Academies, and More in This Month's Newsletter.

Center Receives Two Major Grants from the U.S. Department of Education


The Center for Civic Education recently received funding from the U.S. Department of Education for two civic education projects. The Project Citizen Research Program will train teachers to engage hundreds of students in proposing public policy solutions to community problems. The 2020 Presidential and Congressional Academies have been funded for their second year following the success of the 2019 Academies.

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Video Conveys Value of We the People Program

Video Conveys Value of We the People Program

The Nevada State Assembly signed a bill into law in June of this year providing funding for the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement to promote the We the People program. Group Six Partners, a consulting firm in Nevada directed by We the People alumnus Trey Delap, developed a video that conveys the community advocacy for the legislation, the impressive bipartisan political support, and testimonials of the positive impact of the We the People program on students' lives.

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Graduate Course Based on We the People Offered at Framingham State University

The Massachusetts Center for Civic Education is offering a three-credit graduate course through Framingham State University. The online course, through Learn.civiced.org, is titled "Understanding the Fundamental Principles, Values, and Institutions of American Government."

How Well Does the American System of Separated and Shared Powers Work?

In this video from the We the People open course, Dr. Scott Casper explains the separated and shared powers of the federal government and describes how this works in the impeachment process. He also reveals why some Framers walked out of the Constitutional Convention. Dr. Casper is the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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Delegation from Ukraine Visits Center Associate Director Mark Molli

Center associate director Mark Molli hosted an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) delegation from Ukraine at his home recently. This impressive group of educational leaders from the governmental and nongovernmental sectors is working collaboratively to develop a new policy on human rights education for Ukraine. The Institute of International Education (IIE) organized the visit.

Quick Quiz! Why didn't the Framers want Congress to choose the president?

A. They were concerned that members of Congress were not wise enough to select a proper president.
B. They decided that this might generate too much controversy and interfere with lawmaking.
C. They were afraid this would allow Congress to control the president.
D. They were staunch supporters of the right of ordinary people to choose their own president.

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High School Teachers: Apply for the Law-Related Education Teacher of the Year Awards

The American Lawyers Alliance is seeking nominees for its 2020 Law-Related Education Teacher of the Year Awards. The awards honor teachers in public and private high schools who have made significant contributions in law-related education. Nominations may be submitted by the applicant, school administrators, other teachers, students, lawyers, judges, professional members of the community, and others. Each winner will receive a certificate and $3,000. The deadline to apply is March 15, 2020.

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Watch These Students Read the Preamble and Explain What the Constitution Means to Them

Trumbull High School's We the People team created a video celebrating Constitution Day that aired in all the school's homerooms on September 17. The video was written and filmed by the Connecticut students. The class is taught by Katie Boland. The Connecticut state finals will take place this year on December 16, 2019, at Central Connecticut State University.

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Quiz Answer!

C. They were afraid this would allow Congress to control the president.

For more quizzes and learning opportunities, check out the 60-Second Civics podcast and daily civics quiz!

Do You Know Any Young Scholars of the Constitution?

We the People students are adept at making reasoned arguments about issues related to the Constitution. That's why you should share this opportunity with them: the Seventh Annual Virtual Supreme Court Competition for high school students from the Harlan Institute and ConSource. The grand prize is a trip to attend ConSource's annual Constitution Day celebration in September 2020.

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Apply for the Street Law 2020 Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers

Teachers, this is for you! Apply by March 15 for the 2020 Supreme Court Summer Institute. Spend six days with high-caliber instructors learning about six recent Supreme Court cases. You will gain an understanding of how the Court chooses and decides cases and what it is like to argue before the Court. Sponsored by Street Law and the Supreme Court Historical Society.

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2020 Civic Life Youth Film Challenge

Young people ages 18 to 25 can enter the Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge from the Civic Life Project. Participants submit short films about an issue they care deeply about in the 2020 election. These short films should have the power to convince young people of the importance of the issue, explain the reasons to get involved, and motivate audiences to go to the polls and vote. Fee required for entry. Terms and conditions apply.

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