Congratulations on participating in the 2021 National Invitational. We hope your experience is new, exciting and one remembered throughout your entire life. 


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2021 We the People National Invitational
Participating Teams

Teams will display when announced

Alabama        R.F. Bumpus Middle School     Christy Hall
Colorado        Stanley British Primary School     Mike Wasylenky
Florida        South Seminole Academy of Leadership, Law & Advanced Studies     Robert Adamowicz
Indiana        Fishers Junior High School     Mike Fassold & Tony Sturgeon
Indiana        Fall Creek Junior High School     Patrick Bradshaw & Jeannie Medeiros
Indiana        Kingsway Christian School     Stacy Nolan
Indiana        Woodside Middle School     Andrew Haff
Indiana        Saint Richards Episcopal School     Andrea Neal
Nevada        Faith Lutheran School     Tish Carroll
Ohio        Gahanna Middle School South     Michael Browning
South Carolina        Palmetto Academy of Learning and Success     Robert DeCerbo
Virginia        Joseph T. Henley Middle School     Pamela Koury & Amelia Bochain
Washington        Lakeside Middle School     James Bannister
Washington        Evergreen Middle School     Nicole Kesler

Example of an Online Hearing - Stanley British Primary School

Learn more about how to conduct a We the People hearing online.


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