Taja Butler
Manager of Civic Learning Projects

Taja Butler joined the Center for Civic Education as the Manager of Civic Learning Projects, bridging professional development, curriculum development, and civic education. In this role, Taja fosters a comprehensive approach to shaping the future of civic learning initiatives. She guides the reimagining and revision of flagship Center materials, ensuring improved accessibility and equity in programs. Taja collaborates on quality assurance and ensures the creation of teaching resources related to media literacy.

As a dedicated social studies teacher in Houston, Texas, for over a decade, Taja led the crafting and enhancement of comprehensive social studies curricula, emphasizing diverse perspectives and historical context. Her passion for cultivating engaging and meaningful learning experiences extended to her role as a virtual instructional social studies coach, where she collaborated with social studies educators nationwide. Taja’s commitment to fostering innovative teaching solutions in civics education has been a driving force throughout her extensive career in education.

Taja holds a Master of Education from Angelo State University and earned her Bachelor of Science in Education from Mississippi State University. Combining her educational foundation with certifications in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), she has actively developed and supported the implementation of diverse and inclusive curricula. Taja leverages her expertise to assist teachers in integrating DEI strategies to foster inclusive classroom environments.

Her commitment to advancing civic education issues is deeply rooted in her passion for equitable education. Taja’s enthusiasm for ensuring every student has access to high-quality and inclusive learning experiences has guided her throughout her career. She remains dedicated to nurturing a community-oriented approach to learning, believing in the transformative power of civic education to create a more just and equitable society.



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